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locales, msgfmt, and compiling KDE from source

I have a mixed libc5/libc6 system that is fairly up-to-date with unstable.

I'm having trouble compiling KDE from source which I think relates to the
fact that I don't have a locales package.  If I try selecting locales, I
get the following: 

  _* Std admin    locales      Locale data files and utilities.
 **- Req base     libc5        The Linux C library version 5 (run-time libraries
 U*- Opt libs     tcl76        The Tool Command Language (TCL) v7.6 - libc5 Run-
 U*- Opt libs     tk42         The Tk toolkit for TCL and X11 v4.2 - libc5 Run-T
 **- Xtr non-free xsnow        Snow in your X server
 **- Std mail     biff         a mail notification tool
 **- Opt contrib  gimp-plugins A set of fairly "standard" plug-ins for the GIMP.
 **- Req base     sysklogd     Kernel and system logging daemons
 **- Opt non-free pine         An e-mail reader with MIME and IMAP support.
 **- Opt net      wu-ftpd      A powerful replacement for the standard ftpd
locales      not installed;  install (was: purge).  Standard
libc5 conflicts with locales (<= 2.0.4-1)

Without locales installed on my system, however, the make bombs out in
the middle of building kdebase complaining that it can't find "msgfmt",
which I believe, from speaking with friends with RedHat, is part of
locales support.

What do I do here?  I'm too deeply into libc6 to back that out.  I can't
live without the libc5 apps that locales disagrees with above.  Can I fall
back to an older locales?  Can I install locales anyway?

Finally, I had one other little snag with KDE.  I installed qt-dev in
with a --force-depends in spite of the fact that it said it required
libc5-dev.  I do have libc5-altdev on my system.  Is this OK?


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