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Re: WantWEB/Linux/IP Masquerading

>I'd stay away from sat until LEO stuff starts to come out.....the latency is 
>500ms+ jumping out 33,000 miles.

Yep... but from what I understand this is minimised by the two way
connection.  Commands (eg. FTP/HTTP 'get' commands) are sent over the modem
link so latency is less of an issue.  

While I'm not sure about DirecPC in some of the systems they are also set
up so that traffic where latency *is* important (eg. telnet and irc mostly)
goes over the modem link.  Traffic where latency isn't important (eg. web,
ftp, news etc) come back over the satellite link.  After all who cares if
your download takes an extra half second to start.


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