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Re: WantWEB/Linux/IP Masquerading

On Fri, 05 Sep 1997 14:49:37 -0800, Adam Shand wrote:

>>I've been told that by using the miracles of IP masquerading, I can do this
>>by purchasing a single connection for the server, and letting the remainder 
>>od the machines "leach" off it in some way. 
>Yep this is very possible and not all that hard to do.  If you don't
>already know about this sorta thing you will want to investigate
>information on routing, linux masquerading and proxy/cache servers.

I'm running this right now. My server handles mail, web, primary DNS, ftp, shell, 
and eveything else, while maqing a few machines and RADIUS client dial-u` 

>>Finally, one of the methods of connecting that looked interesting was
>>called "WantWEB". The idea is that the downloads are VIA satellite, and very 
>>fast, but uploads had to go through a normal phone line and were limited to
>>the 56K modems. Has anyone tried using this on a Linux box? if so, how 
>>successful were you? was the "cable-modem" device difficult to find drivers 
>This has been done for a while by a company called DirecPC
>(http://www.direcpc.com I think).  Remember though (just to be pedantic)
>that in this case there would be zero point in buying a 56k modem since the
>data transfer rates are asymetric.  In other words with a 56k modem you get
>56k downloads (which you don't care about because you have satellite speed
>:) but only 288/336 speeds to upload with.

I'd stay away from sat until LEO stuff starts to come out.....the latency is 
500ms+ jumping out 33,000 miles.
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