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Re: WantWEB/Linux/IP Masquerading

On  9 Sep, Adam Shand wrote:
Re: >No, it's just vice versa. Upload speed with 56k Modem (from you to your
Re: >provider) is 56k.
Re: I'm pretty sure that is incorrect (but not positive), if it is true then
Re: it's a seriously stupid piece of engineering since 90% of most peoples
Re: traffic is *to* them.
Re: Can anyone confirm this for us?	

Certainly, the whole selling point of the 56k/X2 modems is that
you can surf the web faster - meaning that traffic _to_ the enduser
(pulled down webpages, music data etc.) has to be greater than with the
older 28.8/33.6 modems. 

The traffic _out_ from the enduser to the 'net is not a problem when
surfing :-)

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