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Installing the official CD

I have 3.1 installed from floppys.   There were some problems with some
of the packages I tried to install.  Most of these were caused by modem
errors I think.  It was certainly a mistake to try to install so many
packages simultaniously. Anyway I decided to order the 3.1.1 cd  and
work from there.  It will give me a stable platform to return to if I
have trouble in the future.  I do not actually have a cd rom drive yet.
(minor technical detail :) I am in the procces of ordering one. I have
the following questions
1.  May I assume that any standard ide cd rom device will work with
The CDs do not come with any instructions so I am really not sure what
to do with them
2. How do I tell my existing installation about the cd rom drive?
3. Would it be better to scrap the old 3.1 install and do a fresh
install with 3.1.1 disks and then install packages from the CD?
4. Since the CDs do not also come with install disks  I presume there
must be some way to install directly from the CDs, but since my macine
does not boot from the rom drive How is this done?
Any other general information about installing devices in debian, or
about installing from the CD set is appriciated.   Thank you for any

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