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ethernet card suggestions

Tomorrow we're moving our company server machine to a new ISP.
Right now it has a UTP SMC 8216 Ultra in it, but the new
ISP only has coax (:-(), and we're not too sure what to do
about an ethernet card. We would like to spend a little
bit more than just a PCI NE2000 and get something we know
is reliable. We can Intel EtherExpress for around $115-$145
Australian, which is acceptable, but we can get the NE2000 for $30.
Is it worth it? 3Com are even more expensive again it seems.
SMC might be a possibility but harder to get.

What do people recommend? I will have this machine back
to fiddle with for perhaps an hour, so we want it to work
and keep working, but it isn't mission critical so if it
dies, it does. Cost is an issue.

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