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Re: X11R6?

On Sep 3, Britton wrote
> I have one of these CD's also, with lots of problems with X.  I am having
> trouble upgrading via the ftp method.  I choose pretty much the standard
> options, and it hangs like this:
> Using FTP to check directories...(stop with ^C)
> Connecting to ftp.debian.org...
> Login as anonymous...
> Then nothing.  Now here is the sad part:  It was working less before, and
> I got an error on line 7 of a script (the name of which I forget).  I
> forget what I did to fix this error exactly, I think it had to do with
> getting the new dpkg-ftp installed, although I think I thought I had done
> that before.  Unfortunately, I had already edited this script in an effort
> to fix things, it was a line with ftp:Net or something like that in it.  I
> suspect this may be what is getting me.  I reinstalled dpkg-ftp in an
> effort to fix this problem, but no luck.  Would it be helpful and safe to
> purge and reload dpkg itself (mayby that is where the script is)?  I am
> reluctant to try it.  Any ideas greatly appreciated.

My guess is that you fixed something in a script belonging to ?libnet-perl?
which provides libnet [*] on which dpkg-ftp depends. Try reinstalling that

[*] look for "Provides:.*libnet" in /var/lib/dpkg/available to find the
precise package name.

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