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Re: Linux in Wired

> Speaking as some-one whose always worked in the Commercial (ie 
> Corporate)  sphere (and not trying to flame), you miss the subtle but
> key problem with free software in a corporate environment....
> ...There's no-one to scream-at/sue/blame if something doesn't work.
> Arse covering will keep free software off big corporate systems until
> the market forces them to it 'cause they can't compete any other way.

All you need is "wrapper companies", ie companies willing to package and
market linux along with support.  This company gets the advantage of low
overheads because of the free software (and ability to debug source code). 
The big corporates get access to linux via a company they can blame if
something goes wrong.  I think that Caldera is taking exactly this
strategy, offering a comercial quality product using linux as the core. 

What Debian needs to do is to convince companys like Caldera that Debian
is the best base for their system.

One of the biggest things slowing down linux is that there is little
incentive to market it.  Who wants to spend big dollars marketing
something that is likely to bring in little profit?  Linux is only going
to be strongly marketed when it is bundled with other software which can
make the marketing company some money.  Again, I think Caldera is taking
this approach, adding plenty of commercial software to the linux base.

I wonder whether there are any entrepreneurial types on this list who
would consider starting a company like Caldera, except based on Debian?
It would be hard work.


          "They told me I was gullible ... and I believed them!"

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