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Re: I need your help..

Min-Woo Bahk wrote:
> Hello.
> This is Minu, working in Nat'l University of mongolia as computer
> professor. We have freewave wireless modem to connect internet.
> The modem is connected to router that formed by debian linux system, and
> server is a sun sparc station5. This network system is consist of 20
> computers via 3 hubs.
> A few days ago, router machine was broke down by electric shock. So I
> checked all system and made sure for working good. Now all system do
> well except for modem connections.
> I wanna know how to make configuration for modem and get more
> information about modem.
> I'll send specificatoin of modem. PLS Let me know how to do it!
> Thanks..
> < Wireless Modem >
> Freewave Wireless data transceiver
> FCC ID : KNY-DGR-115
>          DOC 2329101340A
> Serial NUMBER : 570-0801

Hello.  This type of hardware can be easily damaged by electric shock.
Are you sure the modem is not damaged?

Your hardware is manufactured by FreeWave:

FreeWave Technologies, Inc.
1880 South Flatiron Court
Boulder, CO 80301 USA



(303) 444-3862
(303) 786-9948 Fax

Your "modem" might have been obtained from NTI in Taiwan:
This site appears to be chinese language only, and might be helpful.

This device is not a "modem", but it can
use an AT command set.  The AT commands are used by
modem software such as the debian "pon" and "poff" scripts, and
the linux "diald" deamon.

I hope this helps...

Good Luck!


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