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I need your help..


This is Minu, working in Nat'l University of mongolia as computer 
professor. We have freewave wireless modem to connect internet.

The modem is connected to router that formed by debian linux system, and 
server is a sun sparc station5. This network system is consist of 20 
computers via 3 hubs.

A few days ago, router machine was broke down by electric shock. So I 
checked all system and made sure for working good. Now all system do 
well except for modem connections.

I wanna know how to make configuration for modem and get more 
information about modem.

I'll send specificatoin of modem. PLS Let me know how to do it!


< Wireless Modem >

Freewave Wireless data transceiver
         DOC 2329101340A
Serial NUMBER : 570-0801

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