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Re: Building Debian Packages

>>"Dave" == Dave Cinege <dcinege@psychosis.com> writes:

Dave> Then why is it not listed on www.debian.org?

Dave> "There are a couple of public mailing lists for all Debian
Dave> users, together with several lists intended for developers
Dave> only. The public lists are:"

Dave> debian-devel is not listed. I think this leads one to believe
Dave> it's private. (I thought so, and never bothered to try to get
Dave> on)

	There is a difference between public lists and widely
 advertised lists. Debian devel happens to be not widely advertized
 (as, I think, is right).

	Note it never says these are the *only* public lists. (In
 fact, there _are_ other lists. Their existence is spread by word of
 mouth, like you are learning now about debian-devel. Tends to keep
 noise levels down, and people wanting to know how to make windows 95
 tuned better for doom


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