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Re: Undefined reference to '...'

Gilbert Laycock <gtl1@mcs.le.ac.uk> writes:

> I believe that this (and many other) problems have been fixed for
> gcc/g++ 2.8 which is apparently nearly-but-not-quite-ready for release
> (and has been for some time now).

You can also solve this problem in 2.7.2* by using the repo patch
(available at cygnus' ftp site (don't have a pointer handy)).  We've
been using it here for quite some time.  The only problem I've noticed
is that in some cases, it can make g++ consume an inordinate amount of
memory.  This patch has the added advantage of making sure that the
object code for a given template instance is only instantiated once,
rather than in each object file where it's mentioned.

I've heard that 2.8 solves this problem in a much better manner.

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