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Re: Upgrading Netscape Installer

> I really like the netscape installer package and used it many months ago to
> get netscape working. I have 3.01-1 currently installed.
> So far, when dselect tells me there is an update available on the netscape
> package, I've placed it on hold. However, I was wondering if it is
> safe/needed/possible to update the deb package without having to DL the
> netscape binary again?

Normally, yes.  The netscape installer automatically tries to use the
already existing files.

However, the fix to netscape for bash 2.0 only appeared in v3.01-7 or
there abouts, so that fix will not be installed unless you re-dl the
original archive.

If you don't care about that (or are using bash 2.01), then you should just
be able to upgrade the package without any problems.  Let me know how it

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