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Upgrading Netscape Installer

I really like the netscape installer package and used it many months ago to 
get netscape working. I have 3.01-1 currently installed.

So far, when dselect tells me there is an update available on the netscape 
package, I've placed it on hold. However, I was wondering if it is 
safe/needed/possible to update the deb package without having to DL the 
netscape binary again?

I've been wondering more lately after I upgraded my system to the glib6 
unstable version of Debian. I've been seeing errors when I try to print a
page. The error is as follows.

sh:error in loading shared libraries
/usr/lib/libgnumalloc.so.5: undefined symbol: __default_morecore_init

Would the installer package fix that? Or is it a bit more complicated than 
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