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Re: Show me the money Re: Donations to Debian

On Thu, 21 Aug 1997, Bruce Perens wrote:

> Guy Maor, the person who does the work of maintaining the archive, rejected
> the above scheme. He felt that putting the updates in the directory with the
> rest of the system was better, and he is the person who does the work so I let
> him decide. He used to maintain the updates directory and a bunch of symlinks
> so that you had a directory containing the original system with the updates
> overlaid upon it, and he says it was a big hassle and confused lots of users.

I suppose that my point was that after a distribution "expires" from the
ftp site, if the updates directory could remain, a person with an older
cdrom could still possibly update to a newer version.  If they have an X.x
cdrom, they select X.x-updates then upgrade to the current system from

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