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Re: Show me the money Re: Donations to Debian

On Thu, 21 Aug 1997 12:42:02 -0400, Behan Webster wrote:

>Dave Cinege wrote:
>> On Wed, 20 Aug 1997 14:28:10 -0400, Eloy A. Paris wrote:
>> >my company uses Debian very seriously so I think is very fair to help the
>> >project with donations. I have just bought 2 "Official Debian 1.3.1 CD's"
>> >from LSL and I chose the product that includes a 5 dollar donation to the
>> >Debian project.
>> And since I am in such a pissed off mood over these version number let's start 
on these
>> donations. Where do they go and what are they used for?
>Personally, I'm glad to see Debian become a little more organized
>and getting incorporated.  

They didn't need to get incorpoated to become more orginized. The United States or 
any one of them has no interest in our international communal project. 

>It means that Debian can start paying it's
>own bills instead of people like Bruce going out of pocket to pay
>for the internic domain fees.  

Then tell him to rep a few CD-R's out and not pander an 'official' CD to high volume 
leach cookie cutters. 

>There are many little expenses that
>need to be paid, far more than either you or I can probably imagine.
>Organizing 200+ contributors is not an easy feat, especially with no

Bahh. It's part of our way of life. It's like saying my projects incur the cost of my 
internet access....it's something I would have anyway, and couldn't live without.
If cost (besides in time) are getting noticly more then what he does for himself, it's 
time to bring in another person to help share the load.

>On top of that, not everyone can donate time or resourses, but they can
>contribute money.  

To who? Am I a part of Debian.org? Do I have a vote.....even if I maintain 50 
packages??  You'll see....the cash will lead to bills created by the corp, that in turn 
will create more bills, and there by creating a relience on direct finacial support.  

The point is you CAN'T just donate money to Debian. 'Debian' is the efforts of 
several hundred people; it's not a physical thing. 

>Why not allow them to do such?  It is their choice.
>Debian is not asking for donations, yet people send donations anyways.
>Why do you feel that this way of contributing to the project should be
>stopped?  Whether you're donating time, resources, or cash, it all
>boils down to contributing money.

No it does not. It would be hard to put a monetary figure on the badwidth donated by 
ftp sites. This is the only real need the Debian *developers* require. What this 
corpoation is doing, why it even is I still don't understand. It doesn't represent the 
people behind Debian. It doesn't offer them any protections. All it does is create an 
expense, where there was none. And that expense creates a desire to get money 
from the project, where there was none.  

Were you asked if you wanted the version control change? No, we we're told that it 
was going to be changed, and purely for the sake of appesment of the larger CD 
makers. Debian is not about profit. The orginizes should not be worrying about it 
how many cd's they get sent out....it obviously is interfering with the technical 
aspects of the project. 

>Personally I think you're blowing things way out of proportion simply
>because you can't have things your way.  Venting this anger by
>trying to imply that donated money is somehow being mispent is just
>plain childish.  Grow up.

Sidetracking the issue insults my intellegence. Fuck you. 
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