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Re: Sendmail dsc file?

"Nathan" == Nathan E Norman <nnorman@cfni.com> writes:

Nathan>  Hmm ... I tried a 'dpkg-source -x sendmail*dsc' and got this
Nathan> message: "dpkg-source: error: tarfile
Nathan> `./sendmail_8.8.7.orig.tar.gz' contains object
Nathan> (sendmail-8.8.7/FAQ) not in expected directory
Nathan> (sendmail-8.8.7.orig)"

As others have doubtless said by now, you need to use the dpkg package
from hamm to unpack it.  Debian is switching to pristine sources for
the next major release -- the original tarball from the author no
longer has to be repacked as "sendmail-8.8.7.orig" just to suit the
whims of older dpkgs.

Instead only the filename was changed.

This means, not coincidentially, that the source code on the Debian
site now matches the PGP signature published by the author.

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