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Re: Looking for Talk - HOWTO

On Aug 8, Frank Barknecht wrote
> Mike Schmitz hat gesagt: // Mike Schmitz wrote:
> > Rewrite your hosts file from /etc/ppp/ip-up, keeping the same name as
> > is set in hostname. Here is an example:
> >
>    I have tried this now, but used an example from
> the Dynamic-IP-Hacks-mini-HOWTO like another user
> here suggested. Basically it is the same script as
> your example.  To test this setup I rlogged in to
> a SUN in my university and tried to "talk" me. But
> again I only could see the message in my xconsole:
> in.talkd[1583]: connect from sun.foo.bar.de 
> without getting a talk request in xterm. And yes: mesg is y.  In my
> /etc/hosts now is the official ip-address and an offical DNS-name.
> The SUN in my university is permanently connected to the internet.
> SUN and I even share the same domain name now. Still I cannot talk
> to me!?

>From a previous answer to the same question by Igor Grobman:

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Both of them do understand ntalk protocol.  However, suns have their ntalk/talk
ports switched as opposed to linux.  Your /etc/services file should containt th
following lines:

talk            517/udp
ntalk           518/udp

On suns, talk would be port 518 and ntalk is 517.  The solution is to fix this
problem on one of the ends.

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