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Re: Internal ISDN

Greg Vence wrote:
> Are you saying that any ISDN device will work as a modem just not a {Efficient | Fast} as it should?

I'm suggesting that due to the translation which takes place turning
a synchronous data stream into asynch is necessarily wasteful. Am I
saying that I don't think that these devices, if capable of "enhanced"
serial speeds (like 460K), won't be capable of saturating two B
channels? No. I'm just suggesting that a "native" implementation would
most likely be more effecient and in fact easier to deal with.

There are other things missing: ISDN includes a ton of amazing features
with call control etc., little of which you get from a "modem-like"

> Is it missing the dynamic badwidth and other features?

Some are, some aren't. From what I hear the USR external can't do it.
My ZyXEL can (in theory) but I haven't tried it. Mine is one of the
modem-like devices. It can do 460.8Kbps on it's primary serial port,
but I'd have to buy an "enhanced" serial card to run at this speed 8(.
> Has anyone used the Diamond SupraNetCommander ISDN?  It appears to be one of the cheeper ones that might work with Linux.

Nope, but I sure liked those Supra modems. I'll have to check this baby

BTW, I'm looking forward to USB implementations. USB is already 
synchronous and runs at 12MHz. Supposedly people are already at work
on kernel support for USB.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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