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ide error : {DriveReady SeekComplete DataRequest}

I've been getting this error a lot.  When it happens,  generally:

1) I'm in X,  launching an app (such as Netscape or Pine) that isn't
cached and needs an immediate read from the drive.

2) The system has been on for > 12 hrs (I leave it on most of the time)
and often it's been idle for a while.

3) I get an error on ide0 (drive not ready for command),  it says (reset
Sucessfull),  and then does it over again until I hit reset.  The Status
code returned is 0x58.  Don't have a clue what it means.

I'm using a standard Seagate 2.1 Gig ide drive in LBA mode jumpered as
master on the first IDE controller on my pentium motherboard,  it's
accordingly accessed as /dev/hda.  There's also a Creative Labs ide
CD-ROM on /dev/hdb (slave on the same ide channel).  

Someone suggested that I use the "ide0=noautotune" kernel option in
lilo.conf,  which I've done,  and I'm still getting the error.  It's
bugging me 'cuase it corrupts data by forcing me to reboot without syncing
the disks,  etc.

Should I seek out the linux kernel list and ask them?  Does anyone here
know enough about the ide drivers to help me?




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