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Re: IP forwarding in 2.0.30 kernel??

On Mon, 11 Aug 1997, Lindsay Allen wrote:

> This might help:-
> elm# ls /proc/net
> alias_types    dev            ip_input       ip_output      rt_cache tcp
> aliases        ip_autofw      ip_masq_app    raw            snmp udp
> arp            ip_forward     ip_masquerade  route          sockstat unix
> elm#
> If you can find /usr/src/linux/.config it will tell you all the things
> compiled into the kernel.
but /usr/src/linux/.config only exists if you have installed and compiled
the kernel your self. I am using the kernel-image package with the
pre-compiled image. What I wanted to know is if there is a way to find out
the .config information for a pre-compiled kernel image.

It looks like ls /proc/net provides some of the info... It appears i have
no /proc/net/ip_* at all. Is that right? Are these things modules now?


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