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Re: man gives segmentation fault


[apologies for the big CC and To list. I couldn't determine who wrote

On Thu, 7 Aug 1997, Michael B. Taylor wrote:

> > 
> > I am running Debian 1.3.1, and recently trying to run man gives a 
> > segmentation fault when run as a normal user (but not when run as root):
> > 
> > % man man
> > Segmentation fault
> > 
> > xman and tkman work fine.  I was fairly sure I hadn't played with any
> > relevant settings - the executable has setuid bit set as I would expect:
> > 
> > % ls -l /usr/bin/man
> > -rwsr-xr-x   1 man      root        71204 May 21 10:40 /usr/bin/man
> > 
> > testing man with strace also fails as a normal user:
> > 
> > % strace man
> > execve("/usr/bin/man", ["man"], [/* 29 vars */]) = 0
> > strace: exec: Operation not permitted
> > 
> > I am rather puzzled, so any ideas gratefully received!
> > 
> This happened to me too.  I did not try any of the diagnostics you describe.
> I manually ftp'ed the man-db package and reinstalled it with dpkg -i.  
> I dont know what caused the problem, but that fixed it.

I had this problem, it occurred when I Ctl-C'd man while it was trying to
update it various caches and indicies. I then strace'd man (while I was
root), and noticed that after a certain cache file man failed. If you can
find out which file it is, delete it. Man has been working fine for me,
since then.


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