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Re: Debian-Lite : The Project

On 15:18:49 "Robert D. Hilliard" wrote:
>     I think this should be the main object of a smaller version of
>debian (Please not Debian Lite!).  A normal debian installation loads
>up a single user machine with a lot of unneeded and unwanted server and
>network administration stuff.
Man, do I like this idea!  I really like Linux, and all it offers, and I really
appreciate Debian, but just yesterday I was saying to myself, I wish that
someone with the skills would put together a Linux better suited to the
single user environment where many (most?) of us use our home systems.
Free from all the hassles of permissions, root privelege to do this or that,
etc!  Right on!  For a user like myself anyway, it sure makes a helluva lot
more sense than all the multi-user protections/permissions and such.  I
for one, get really frustrated with such things, and it really ticks me off that
if I ftp a file then I can't move it to some directory before I unzip it or thin
like that.  Everyone says don't run as root and use 'su' but damnit, some
of this is nuts when the machine is really only an individual's workstation,
or at least I think it gets in the way, and probably frustrates the hell out of
a lot of people that finally give it up!


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