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Permissions (Was: Re: Debian-Lite : The Project)

>>>>> "w" == wb2oyc  <wb2oyc@bellatlantic.net> writes:

w> I wish that someone with the skills would put together a Linux
w> better suited to the single user environment where many (most?) of
w> us use our home systems.  Free from all the hassles of permissions,
w> root privelege to do this or that, etc!  Right on!

That's one of the things I like with linux.  I can do whatever I need
from my account without concerning myself with the stability of the
system.  That's exactly why "multi-user protections/permissions and
such" is a good thing.

w> I for one, get really frustrated with such things, and it really
w> ticks me off that if I ftp a file then I can't move it to some
w> directory before I unzip it or thin gs like that.

That's what /tmp is for, and I usually have root logged in at the
console, and switch to that window (or use sudo) every time I need
permission to do something to the system.

w> Everyone says don't run as root and use 'su' but damnit, some of
w> this is nuts when the machine is really only an individual's
w> workstation, or at least I think it gets in the way

sudo is much easier than su, have you tried that?

 SSM - Stig Sandbeck Mathisen
  Trust the Computer, the Computer is your Friend

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