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Re: Help with Debian and ISDN

On Sun, 3 Aug 1997 09:40:35 +0700 (GMT-7), Udjat -A MiB wrote:

>Also I cant seem to get LCP EchoReq to work. I have turned that feature in
>pppd off. (in /etc/ppp/options) On the same note I also cant seen to get
>LCP ConfReq working for bsd_comp.o eather. <shrug>

I had this same problem with both a Zyxel Omni TA, and Elite 2864i. Drove me
and my ISP crazy for a few days. My machine gun redialing manged to bring 
down his whole net....it was not a pretty sight. (And we still don't know 

We watched the flow with tcpdump and the LCP simply doesn't get past the TA.
pppd sends a request....he would see it, his hardware would answer. Then 
would send another request with the same serial # (since it never received a
responce from the first), and this would go one until the time-out and 
redial. Weird....

Elite MicroComputers   908-541-4214      http://www.psychosis.com/emc/

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