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Re: why kernel 2.0.29 in Debian 1.3.1?

> why Debian 1.3.1 includes kernel 2.0.29 and not 2.0.30 (that is in this
> Debian 1.3.1 but don't is preselect the first time that I install the
> system).?
> Is there any problem whith 2.0.30 kernel?

Apparently, there was some of the 2.1.x code that was introduced into
2.0.30 that caused some problems....  I've no idea what it was, maybe
others can comment; however, it caused the Debian Powers-That-Be to elect
to go with 2.0.29 as the default.  However, 2.0.30 is still included in the
1.3.x distribution.

I've been using 2.0.30 on several machines without difficulty.... 
Therefore, I've never investigated further as to what problems were present
in this newer version.

2.0.31 is supposed to be available within days.  This is supposed to
resolve the 2.0.30 problems.


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Systems Analyst		Langley, BC, Canada
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