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Re: debian dpkg problem

On Thu, 24 Jul 1997, Ching-Chuan Chiang(¦¿²M¬u) wrote:

> My disk space is full while I am installing packages by using
> "dpkg -i package.deb".
> Then, I cannot access my original status, that is, 
> "dpkg -l" shows nothing. 
> The disk full is due to the log file created by configurating package.
> After I delete the log file to get back my disk space,
> the dpkg still cannot work.
> It seems some data files in /var/lib/dpkg are lost and the database for
> dpkg is empty.
> If I want to install some packages now, the dependence error occurs since
> dpkg detects no packages are installed.
> How can I restore my original install setting..?

First clear some space. Remove any packages that you might have
downloaded. Then to go /var/lig/dpkg/updates, and type:

grep "^#padding" *

remove any files which have that.

Rerun dpkg, from the top (i.e. access method, update, select, etc.) that
will recreate any files that might have been truncated. This time when you
select Install, (I am assuming you are using the FTP option) say yes to
the question which asks if you want to select the packages to download.
Just download them a few at a time. Eventually you will be able to install
most things.

You need to do something similiar if you use another method other than
FTP. However I can't remember if dselect/dpkg give you the ability to
select which indiviual packges you want installed in a session like you
can with FTP.


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