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mtools problem


After upgrading to Debian 1.3.1, I am now having a problem using some of
the mtools operations.  The command 'mdir' works but 'mcopy a:' and
'mdel a:' produce the following error:

This command cannot operate on "." or ".."

Does anyone have any suggestions, appart from mounting/unmounting the
drive for each floppy (which is a bit of a pain as I still use alot of
floppies to move info around).

Cheers for any asistance.

 John Stevenson	  3rd Yr BSc Soft. Eng.		
  ** Staff/Student Representative **	
 E-mail : J.P.Stevenson@ncl.ac.uk		 
 URL    : http://www.ncl.ac.uk/~n4215605

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