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Re: Is there not a debian package of gimp?

On 20 Jul 1997, Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> I've made packages of 0.99.10, but there are problems with the patent
> of the LZW compression, so I have to figure out how to separate things
> properly.
> If you'd like an interim version (with gif and tiff support, so you'll
> be breaking the law, you naughty boy) you can check out
> http://zarf-mouse.aca.imsa.edu/~che/debian/gimp/ for lots of fun toys.

Uh, no need to split things up at all.  According to the Unisys LZW FAQ,
you just need to contact them.  If your software is free, so is LZW.


You do, however, need their permission to redistribute, even though it is
not being charged for.

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