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Re: Is there not a debian package of gimp?

>>>>> "Stan" == Stan Brown <stanb@netcom.com> writes:

    Stan> 	I looked in the stable source and binary locations for
    Stan> a package of gimp (Graphic Image Manipulator). This package
    Stan> is under the GPL, so I would expect it to be there.

I'm the new maintainer of The GIMP. There is currently a set of
packages for GIMP 0.54 (gimp-smotif et al)..

I've made packages of 0.99.10, but there are problems with the patent
of the LZW compression, so I have to figure out how to separate things

If you'd like an interim version (with gif and tiff support, so you'll
be breaking the law, you naughty boy) you can check out
http://zarf-mouse.aca.imsa.edu/~che/debian/gimp/ for lots of fun toys.

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