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Re: Mailers

Hamish Moffatt <moffatt@yallara.cs.rmit.edu.au> writes:

> mutt can handle message status (read or unread) in folders
> other than your inbox where elm does not. It is very elm-like
> but seems faster and smaller yet just as functional to me.
> For the same reason, it may be too elm-like to meet your requirements.
> > Emacs?  Are the mail handling tools of emacs worth looking into? 
> Obscure keystrokes.

Obscure keystrokes and a userinterface that is a bit lacking aside:
The Gnus newsreader for Emacs is very good for handling large volumes
of mail and news.  It even has built-in support for sorting mail into
different folders (I use procmail instead, as I don't like Emacs, nor
have I managed to wade through the rather large volume of documentation.)

My mail is saved in 34 differend folders, sorted by qmail and procmail, and
I also read about 10 different newsgroups on a regular basis.  Gnus treats
all mail as 'news' and this make it much easier to se what folders has new
mail, how much mail there is, an in a folder it is very easy to pick out
what you wan't to read and just purge the rest (mailing lists, anyone?).

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