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Re: Mailers

Hamish Moffatt hat gesagt: // Hamish Moffatt wrote: (moffatt@yallara.cs.rmit.edu.au):

> mutt can handle message status (read or unread) in folders
> other than your inbox where elm does not. It is very elm-like
> but seems faster and smaller yet just as functional to me.
> For the same reason, it may be too elm-like to meet your requirements.

  I have used elm for some years now and recently switched to mutt. I have
  to say: Mutt is a really really great mail reader. Every elm user
  absolutely has to give it a try, it's so much better, IMHO, faster and more
  If you fear the conversion of mail folders/boxes: Not necessary, because 
  Mutt reads them all!

  Or in the words of mutt-developer Micheal Elkins ( = the ME in elm-ME):
    `All mail clients suck.  This one just sucks less.'

				Frank Barknecht


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