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Re: Mailers

On Mon, Jul 07, 1997 at 06:04:13PM +0800, David R. Kohel wrote:
> I've been using elm for years.  But as far as I can tell, it 
> does not handle multiple active folders.  Before investing in 
> converting all of my mail archives to a new system, I'd like 
> to know what I'm getting into.
> I would like to be able to define and presort different mail 
> folders and (why not?) mail subfolders.  Under elm, I just 
> started running my mail through filter, as suggested in the 
> official Elm Documentation (filter seems to be part of sendmail 
> only -- not available for smail?), through which I can save the 
> debian list to a folder, but without information on which I 
> have read, etc.  Moreover, it doesn't have a directory of my 
> folders.  Does anyone have any suggestions or scripts for 
> preprocessing mail in a more intelligent fashion? 

mutt can handle message status (read or unread) in folders
other than your inbox where elm does not. It is very elm-like
but seems faster and smaller yet just as functional to me.
For the same reason, it may be too elm-like to meet your requirements.

> Emacs?  Are the mail handling tools of emacs worth looking into? 

Obscure keystrokes.

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