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audio files

There is a program that comes in RedHat called showaudio.  Does anyone
know where to snag this for Debian?  I can't figure out how to install a
RedHat package through Debian, and would prefer not to.  If I could just
find the source, that would be good enough.

Also, I still haven't gotten the AWE32 drivers to work.  I ran the
install.sh    script that came with the driver.  I already have basic
sound working, and the script seems to detect my existing sound setup
OK.  I read the documentation several times, but when I run     make
config    to rebuild the kernel, there is no option to select the new
driver (AWE32 support never shows up, not even in the lowlevel driver
support section)
Anyone have a clue as to what I'm doing wrong?  The   install.sh
script executes w/o error.

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