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Re: Can't open ./install.sh from rescue disk

Hi, everyone ;

I'm just trying to keep you guys posted; I've tried using the stock (off
Debian u.s. ftp site) rescue disk image instead of the specially made
one; with no success: the error message is exactly the same, and my
floppy drive light doesn't come on after it is asking for the rescue
disk. I find this strange; because the installation program doesn't have
a chance to read the drive at all (judging by the floppy drive light...)
Also, I  have looked around the system by activating the ash shell, but
that doesn't do much for me- I'm not experienced enough to get it going
that way. FWIW, the "mount" command shows that /dev/ram0, /proc,/, /usr,
/var and /home are mounted the correct way. "ls -a floppy" only shows
.tar-place-holder" file on the floppy, and "ls -a /dev/fd0" comes up
Thanks for your effort and time

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