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Re: HELP!!! dpkg messed up X11 (?)

first of all, thanks to the people how tried
to help me out with this rather odd problem.

i followed the suggestions, but without success -
as far as up/downgrading is concerned:
my system is a rex/bo mix, and the problems
seemed to start when i installed libc5 from
hamm - i guess that my mixing of versions was not
such a great idea. downgrading libc5 to either the
rex or the bo version did not help, as I pointed
out before.

well, the problem persists, but my weekend is 
drawing to a close and i'm simply out of
time. i'll back up all my important files -
when i get a chance, i'll just reinstall the entire
system. that's not exactly an elegant solution
but it will do for now.

again, thanks for the advice,


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