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PnP ( ie: Modem )

Iam Very new to the UNIX/LINUX OS..

I installed and setup Debian Linux, But I would like
to setup my PnP Modem..

Is there any software to help me ?

Also I heard good things about Midnight Commander, Where
can I get a Linux version ?


|  Keith@unix.asb.com              ==   SLIP-PPP Internet Address
|  Keith@asb.com                     ==   BBS Internet Address    
|  Http://www.asb.com/usr/keith  ==   WWW Page URL Address      
|  Knipper@compuserve.com    ==   Compuserve Internet Address
|  Fknipsch@suffolk.lib.ny.us     ==   My Free Internet Shell Account
|  N2NJS@amsat.org                ==   HAM Radio AMSAT EMail 
|  N2NJS@KC2FD.NY.USA.NA ==   Ham Radio AX25 Packet Address

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