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Re: rxvt ignores x resource settings?

Package: rxvt
Version: 2.20-4

Tad Kollar:
> I wonder if rxvt doesn't bother using the resource manager and just
> tries to look in certain files. The man page seems to suggest this. 
> I'm also having an rxvt resource problem, but with a different file...
> rxvt will read ~/.Xresources, but not /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt,
> even though it seems to know about it:

This does seem to be the problem I'm having, and it's horribly broken
behavior. I'm sending this in as a bug report:

Rxvt doesn't use the standard X resource settings that are set by xrdb.
Instead, it reads ~/.Xresources (and maybe other files), and parses them
directly. This is horribly broken behavior, becuase:

1. It doesn't let you place rxvt settings in /etc/X11/Xresources
2. It probably means it doesn't preprocess the files with cpp, therefore, it
   might read settings it isn't supposed to see.
3. It's nonstandard and generally just ugly and very confusing.

It should be fixed to behave as a normal X app and use the X resources.

see shy jo

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