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Re: rxvt ignores x resource settings?

> Nope, that's not it. xrdb is sucessfully reading in my .Xresources file, and
> setting the Rxvt* entries, rxvt is just ignoring them.
> [joey@kite] ~>xrdb -query |grep Rxvt           
> Rxvt*background:        black
> Rxvt*colorBD:   yellow
> Rxvt*font:      fixed
> Rxvt*foreground:        white
> Rxvt*geometry:  80x28
> Rxvt*scrollBar: false
> If I were having your problem, none of the other settings in my .Xresources
> file would work, but they do -- just not rxvt's settings.

I wonder if rxvt doesn't bother using the resource manager and just
tries to look in certain files. The man page seems to suggest this. 
I'm also having an rxvt resource problem, but with a different file...
rxvt will read ~/.Xresources, but not /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/Rxvt,
even though it seems to know about it:

alr3-e~>strings `which rxvt`|tail -10

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