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Re: SCSI times out with Jaz drive

Martin Brundage wrote:

>                  When I do a recursive copy of a large number of files
> to an IDE drive my AHA-2940 times out occasionally, although it seems
> to always recover and finish the copy.  I am using stock 2.0.27 kernel
> with all SCSI options (except tape support) compiled into the kernel.

I'm no SCSI expert by any means, bu I would:

 - Check all the usual SCSI potential problems (termination, etc).

 - Upgrade your aic7xxx driver to the newest release:


   I know it says it's for 2.1.x kernels, but the SCSI code has not 
   changed wrt 2.0.30.

 - Upgrade to 2.0.30 (Can't hurt, but not sure you *need* to do it;
   I running the above driver under 2.0.30).

 - If problems persist, subscribe to the aic7xxx mailing list.
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