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Re: Spam filtering and mailagent

Take a look at exim.  It has mail filtering built into the MTA, no need to
wait till delivery to check for spam.  It filter on header contents too.
Much better if you remember that your method generates at least one
outgoing for every spam in, internet-wide this means a spam of 50,000
emails generates a potential 50,000 more.  Better to quietly can the mail
before it ever gets to the user if it is from a known spam domain than to  
send it on to a user's spam filter that jams the mail server even more.

On 25 Jun 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> 	I have mailagent then configured to look at the adresses in
>  that list and send an automated message to the sender asking to be
>  removed from the list (I could just delete the mail, I guess), with a
>  copy to the postmaster.

George Bonser
grep@oriole.sbay.org, grep@concentric.net

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