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Re: Mail Archives Stopped?

On Jun 20, sacampbe@mercator.math.uwaterloo.ca wrote
> David R Baker wrote:
> > I am a relatively new subscriber to this list.  For the 1st week or two
> > it appeared to be archived once a day.  It has now been more than a week
> > since the archives accessible through www.debian.org have been updated.
> > Is something wrong or is this normal?
> The problem is that www.debian.org hasn't updated its mirror in about a week.
> I have already sent mail to the administrator. In the meantime, check
> some of the other mirrors shown on www.debian.org. I know the mirrors in
> Germany, Japan and the Netherlands(New!) are up to date.

Sue's answer is the explanation in most cases, but it doesn't apply in this

On Jun 24, David R Baker wrote
> It is a couple of days since my last message, I just looked at mail
> archives on www.debian.org and they are still only through June 11.  I
> this is a nuisance, say so and I will cheerfully stop.

I've checked the archive on cgi.debian.org (master) to make sure it's not a
mirroring problem. Indeed, there are no messages after June 11. 

The mailing lists archives are handled by Guy Maor (I think through a
procmail/MHonArc setup on his master account). Guy is unfortunately away
until mid-July.

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