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Re: NFS mounting /usr, Debian over NFS


Some time ago you posted a question on debian-user list regarding Debian
NFS setup. There seems to be no useful follow-ups on the problem.
I am in similar situation. I'm trying to set up a server with seven
clients. Home directories are NFS mounted - that's easy part.
I also want clients to function(to certain extent) when server is down.
So just NFS mounting /usr on clients won't work.
I'm leaning toward using cfengine and recursively linking local and NFS

However questions about upgrading packages, /etc directory remain. I would
appreciate any information about this problem. And also if the discussion
is taken out of mailing list I think it's a good idea to bring it back.

These days, as Debian is gaining popularity, it would be extremely useful
to have Debian specific recipes for that kind of setup.

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