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Re: defrag

I have been trying to compile defrag.
I get the following error:

   /usr/include/linux/config.h:4: linux/autoconf.h: No such file or
   xdump.c:56: linux/xia_fs.h: No such file or directory
   gcc -Wall -O2 -fomit-frame-pointer -DEXT2FS -c -o defrag.ext2.o
   In file included from /usr/include/linux/fs.h:9,
                 from ext2.h:16,
                 from defrag.h:34,
                 from defrag.c:30:
   /usr/include/linux/config.h:4: linux/autoconf.h: No such file or

Obviously something is a-muck with the kernel headers.
On the machine that doesn't compile I am running Linux 2.1.42

I have a second machine which compiles and runs everything just fine.

I have two questions:

Could someone tell me why xia_fs.h is missing. Is that file system type
no longer supported by the kernel? Is it a bug?

What is the latest kernel version packaged by Debian and does it
support symetrical processing?


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