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Upgradeing using a windows box to get the files


as I only have a modem and phone-cost will make you a poor man in
germany, I'm looking for a good way to upgrade in the following manner:

I want to determine the package I want to get via dselect.
Make a sorted list of the packages to fetch.
Get these packages from our local debian-mirror using a windows-box.
Put this packages on a zip-disk
Install the packages at home with dselect.

So I would get the packages file per ftp. Then I could select the
packages I want to upgrade. A script would make a list of the packages
which actually have to be fetched. This list should be sorted, so that
I can use ws_ftp with minimal need for changing dirs. A ftp-client
which handles scripts would be even better, but I don't know any for
winblows (big hurra for all these colorfull progs, which can only be
used interactively).
Then I would take these packages home on a zip-disk. Use
dpkg-scanpackages and mount the dir as mounted partition. 


So the big problem (at least for me) is the sorting-script. Three years
ago I've done some programming with turbo-pascal on windows, but it
will not help me with this I suppose :-)

It would be at least frustrating, when a perl guru can write this in a
5-liner, when I would at least need 30 times as much...

So maybe someone is willing to create such script ? (I promise to do a
perl course this summer vacation :-)

Also if someone knows a script-driven ftp-client for windows or dos...
(If I ask about this in a win* newsgroup I will cetrainly get answers
like "use your mouse" or "what is scriptmode, what is commandline" )

I think such a instrument would be usefull not only for me.


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