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Re: Diald won't function after 1.2->1.3

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997 23:58:28 +0800 Lu Jimmy Chenji 
(kintaro@silver.hkabc.net) wrote:

> I just upgraded my Debian packages from 1.2 to 1.3.  It went
> quite smoothly but diald won't function any more.  I used my
> previous "connect" script and diald.conf file.  I just added
> "include /etc/diald/standard.filter" to diald.conf file.
> Here is the log messages before diald was working under 1.2
> and was not working under 1.3.  I turned debug switch on for
> more messages under 1.3.  Can someone tell me why is it not
> working?  Thanks in advance.

[snipped logs]

>From the logs, it seems that it's pppd which has a problem, not diald:
	Apple kernel: ppp: channel ppp0 closing
Can you get a log of pppd with pppd's debug flags on (not diald's) ?
Can you try to connect by hand (without diald) ?


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