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SOLVED: lpr: unable to get official name for local machine

Brian K Servis writes:
>For those of you following this here is an update.
>It appears to be some sort of name lookup failure.  I can't figure it
>out. When I try and print with lpr it fails with the error given in
>the subject.  This turns out is just an indicator of something else.  I
>have a stand alone machine that I dial in to my isp and run slirp to
>emulate ppp.  So, I have given my machine a bogus name of
>servis.snet.  Before I upgraded to 1.3 I could ping, finger, telnet,
>etc to servis.snet.  Now nothing seems to be able to figure out what
>servis.snet is.  My conf files are:

Well, it turns out that /etc/host.conf only had permissions 

   1 -rw-------   1 root     root           20 Jun  6 16:52 /etc/host.conf

and this was screwing everything up.  I changed it to

   1 -rw-r--r--   1 root     root           20 Jun  6 16:52 /etc/host.conf

and I am back to normal! Yipee!

I don't know how it got changed, I don't remeber doing it by hand.  It
seemed to happed during the upgrade to 1.3 but I checked the
base-files package and it doesn't set the permissions wrong.  It is a
mystery but a lesson as well.  Take note.  NONE of the docs, HOW-TO's, man
pages seem to mention the permisions required of the conf files otherwise 
I would have found this long ago. Live and learn I guess.

Mechanical Engineering				   servis@ecn.purdue.edu
Purdue University		    http://widget.ecn.purdue.edu/~servis

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