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Re: Vid card memory

>>Ralph Winslow wrote:
 >I've recently added a 1Mb memory module to my Trident TGUi 9440 vid
 >card, giving a totla of 2Mb.  I'd done this with the expectation that I
 >could then use 600x800x2  (16-bit color = 2 bytes) = 960000 which is <
 >1Mb.  But when I try this (forcing 600x800 in XF86Config) X tries to
 >start and dies over and over (I must reboot from floppy).  Now my
 >thinking is that 1Mb means 1MegaBit, so 600x800x16 = 7.68 Mbits thus no
 >joy.  Have I finally got it right?  TIA for any light you all might add
 >to the heat of my fevered brain.

Horiz.Resolution * Vert.Res. gives you number of pixels on your screen.
That times BYTES per pixel is VRAM requirements in BYTES.  That divided
by 1024 and rounded up is VRAM in Kbytes.  7.68 Mbits / 8 / 1024 = 938 Kbytes.
960000/1024 = guess what.  :-)
     (What I really don't understand is why VideoModes.[doc,html] was not 
      included in xbase v.3.2 package.)
Are you sure 9440 works in 16 bpp? Did you try 24/32 bpp?  Is VRAM recognized
(look at X startup messages)?  Did you read the README (in particular, do you 
to specify linear addressing)?


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