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Re: Ricoh CDRW (CD-ReWritable) drive

On Fri, Jun 06, 1997 at 11:20:50PM +1000, Lawrence Chim wrote:
> Does Linux support the new Universal Disc Format (UDF)?
> ISO9660 have several limitations:
>    File names must be only in capital letters , A - Z. 
>    File names are limited to the DOS 8 + 3 format. 
>    No more than 8 directory levels. 
>    Only legal character besides letters is the under score (_).
> UDF does not have the name and directory restrictions that ISO9660
> imposed. 
> How do people deal with the long file name problem in ISO9660?

Rockridge, which Linux has supported since at least 1.2.0 and
I expect much much earlier. It supports at least mixed case,
long filenames and other punctuation. I doubt 8 directory
levels is too much of a limitation, and I don't know if RR fixes it.

Unfortunately, support outside Unix machines is poor.
OS/2 doesn't have it, Windows95 doesn't have it (has Juliet instead),
DOS obviously doesn't have it. But almost all Unix CDs use it.

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