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Solved: netscape problem

Brian  ( bcwhite@verisim.com ) writes

> I'd appreciate it if you would try it with -visual Pseudocolr
> -install and let me  know what that does.

There was a plethora of messages in my mail today. Between notes
and suggestions from you guys (THANKS!) and some Reading of the
Fine Manual, I find that the /etc/X11/Xserver  (as it should be)
made the XF86_VGA16, not the SVGA server, which apparetly caused
the behavior I observed. 

In my old Slackware, I was using X11R5, with the vga255 server,
but could not find any thing like that in the Debian 1.2
distribution. In looking, I discovered that I had not installed
the SVGA server, (he said shamefacedly at being quite so NEWBIE)

I installed the SVGA sserver, ran XF86Configure - and, thanks to
the person who asked what was the default server in Xserver, I
made SVGA the default server. THen VOILA - everything works!

Brian Asks what I get with netscape -visual Pseudocolor -install 
I tried this _after_ moving to the SVGA server. With the SVGA
server, it changes the color of the windows when the focus goes
off the window, and I kinda like that.

I'll test that with the VGA_16 server tonight and write you about

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